I’ve been blessed so much to receive some amazing reviews for my music – here’s some snippets below.

And links the full reviews are at the bottom…

“A phenomenal, fantastic and just flat out excellent 2-song single… such an expressive and unique voice…. the opening track “Time Will Tell” has a haunting, beautiful quality.” Tony Cannella, Femme Metal Webzine

“Whether you sit back and let the timbre of Janey Summer’s voice wash over you like a heavy-handed ‘soul-massage’, or choose to look more closely at the craftsmanship, this is worthy of any music lover’s attention.” – Ed Davis, ProducerEd

“..proper rock – Janey Summer shows that the women can compare with the men … a voice that could fill arenas..” – Michael Heming, RockReviews24/7

“ awesome voice and deserves big things.. harks back to the 70’s .. hard rocker’s wet dream!” – Dave Smith, Ravenheart Music

“Janey Summer’s sound is classic/traditional rock written and performed so emotively with a ‘voice to die for’ that is second to none, such a good performance” – Nick Giles, Gig Review – Rock Out

“A healthy dose of classic rock, helped out by an ideal vocalist for the job!”- Jonny Arnold, Purple Radio

“Stunning voice…fine instrumentation…beautiful melodic rock..”- Arne Asbolmo, Melodic Hard Rock Today

“Straight up/stand out rock and roll that is made for radio playlists. Rock grit.” – Paul Jackson, Rocksnail

“Along The Way” .. absolutely rocks… The songs pack plenty of power….not only in the music but her voice as well…. a strong and diversified collection of rock songs that come from the heart… we have not heard the last of Janey Summer.” – Tony Cannella, Femme Metal

“Janey can take real inspiration from releasing her own album of original material and at just eight songs it certainly leaves you wanting more. Hopefully there will be much more to come from her in the future and she clearly has the potential to evolve into a major talent on the melodic rock scene. ” – Dean Pedley, Sea of Tranquility

“Someone with very big hair once said that God gave rock and roll to us. That’s easy to believe when you consider Janey Summer, a one-woman balls-to-the-wall bombardment… she could be compared to Dio, Bon Jovi and even Cher. Come, all ye rockers, to the temple of the queen.” – Domm Wills, Festival Review

“Provides those nostalgic for late ’80s-early ’90s modern-rock radio a much-needed fix… hook-laden and memorable.” – Sputnik Music

“Classic emotional rock songs of love and life….bold impressive vocals” – Musician Magazine

“A very tasty morsel of melodic hard rock with a voice to die for… it is obvious from the start we are on to a winner here. A rock solid release.” – Dave Smith, Ravenheart Music

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