Hey there – thanks for visiting my music page. RAWWWK!

I’ve been blessed with such amazing support from people not just local to me, but  across the world – it’s such a wowzer to get your comments and for you to share my songs with friends.

Well, I’ve been well and truly whacked out of action for a long while, but thank God restored back to health now and I’ve been writing new material in readiness for a new album release early in 2014. Have to be honest and say it’s a little bit different to the sound below, a bit quirkier and alternative, I’d dare to say!  But hey, hopefully you will enjoy it when I get some sounds recorded, or how about coming along to an acoustic gig?

I’m defo feeling super-passionate about the change of direction – and that is such an awesome thing to feel as a writer.

Gotta say a big thank you to every who’s supported me so far, and stuck by me while I’ve been ‘down timing’ –  you are all amazing to me. And if you’re discovering me for the first time – well hello there, pleased to meet you! Tweet me a “hey” sometime?

Much love,

Janey =)

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