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Lyrics – Seeing You

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Next up in my series of ‘what are Janey’s songs all about?’ is Seeing You, from my album Along the Way and also featured on my first EP, Introducing.

I wrote Seeing You a couple years after I lost my brother. One of the themes of the song is about how we remember people we’ve lost. If we are open to sharing in such a painful time, we can hear so many different memories from family and friends. So, although we all knew him, we all did so in different ways. Talking to people about how they knew him was not only a fond way for us to support each other but, for me, it was a journey of getting to know and understand my brother in new ways. 

Lyrics - Seeing You

NEW! – “Seeing You” – the single – now available for download

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Yes indeed, ahead of my album release in July, “Seeing You” has now been offically released as a digital single, so if you like the track and you want to buy it for your very own self, please visit my download store at follow this link to take you directly there….. 

More singles will follow in the coming weeks….


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