Quite a surprise, but awesome anyway

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Just received a really amazing review of ‘Time WIll Tell’ courtesy of Tony Cannella from Femme Metal Webzine.   Quite a pleasant surprise as it’s been a year since it was released!

Check out the review here

While you’re there, why not take 5 to find out about some of the other awesome female-fronted heavy bands that are getting showcased. Well worth a quick peek, I reckon 🙂

Peach of a review from Ravenheart Music!

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The latest review from Ravenheart Music is now up on their site – in keeping with tradition, Dave Smith has come up with an oh-so-quteable phrase, saying that the b-track  ‘On My Own Again’ is a hard rocker’s wet dream.

Here’s the full review:

“JANEY SUMMER..’TIME WILL TELL’ (2 track single)

(Self Release) Reviewed 14th January 2012

I can say quite simply that Janey Summer has an awesome voice and deserves big things. This lass from the SW of England sure does rock. I reviewed an album of hers back in Sept 2008 – ‘Along The Way’ scored a cool 9/10, and I quoted in that review that Janey “has a voice to die for”. ‘Time Will Tell’ is a two track single that also features the track ‘On My Own Again’ and this girl seems to have moved forward leaps and bounds. It is of no surprise to also learn that this single is picking up internet radio airplay, because quite simply, the track (as is ‘On My Own Again’) is totally awesome. ‘Time Will Tell’ features a cool instrumental intro, before Janey’s totally mind blowing vocals carries the number into total dreamland. ‘On My Own Again’ harks back to the 70’s and is a Hard Rocker’s wet dream! It is difficult to score what is just a two track cd, but this is good, very good!! Effectively, this is powerful melodic hard from Janey (and her band!), so check her out here.”

Why, thank you Dave!

Visit for more info about them all at Raven Towers…..

Janey xx

ravenheart - both cds

Another amazing album review from Ravenheart Music

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The latest review of ‘Along the Way’ has been offered up by Ravenheart Music, a specialist promoter of female-fronted rock and metal.


Summed up as “a very tasty morsel of melodic hard rock, with a voice to die for”, and given an overall rating of 9/10, the full review can be read below!

ravenheart - both cds

The People’s Music Awards – voting now open!

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Please vote for me on The People’s Music Awards!

Vote at

The voting is a bit more complicated than other comps, as there are 10 weekly rounds and voters have to vote for at least 3 songs – the aim is to deter cheating and get the audience more involved. There are some great acts registered so have a good ole’ listen :o)

The 10 songs with the most points (one from each round) will go forward to a panel of expert judges, and then will have a final public vote after 10 weeks. All the info about how to vote is on

Thank you all again!

AWESOME review in local music press!

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The September issue of Scrumpy ‘n’ Western mag has just been published, and they’ve reviewed my EP!

It’s a completely AWESOME review!! I’m just bowled over! Here’s a snippet:

“Well Janey you have really learnt your craft over the past two years, you have now been to one of the country’s top studios ‘Sprint Studios’…. You have reworked an excellent song that should be racing up the charts, yes that good!!! With ‘Lie Along the Way’ and track three the excellent ‘You Rock (My Chemistry)’ again foot tapping, sing along, magic…. You really do have your own style, and on further investigation you are also out gigging, which is good. You really do deserve to go places with this recording, and I hope you get the attention you so rightly have been working for. I have not stopped playing this CD and everyone who I have played it to agrees, chart material, if only some of these A & R men would wake up and get real!”


For the full review go to page 8 of the September issue:

I’m beaming with pride :o)