Want to hear some new songs? Come ye to a gig!

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I’m pleased to announce I’ll be doing a series of acoustic gigs across Bristol and Somerset over the autumn and winter to give my new songs an airing before I record them early next year!

More dates will be added as they’re booked, but take a look at the schedule so far – it’s on the homepage at

I’ll look forward to seeing some of you out on the road!

If you’d like me to come to a venue near you (I can travel within reason!) please do let me know and I’ll see what I can fit in.

Love and blessings, Janey 🙂


New directions and new songs

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Lately I’ve been working on lots of new songs, and a recent change in my circumstances has meant if all goes to plan, I should be able to get into the studio by the end of the year to record and release a new EP.  I’m very excited and happy about that at long last!

And I’m loving the new material! I have to warn you tho, my lovely people, that it is a bit of departure from the ‘straight’ rock you might all be expecting from me.  It still shows my passion and heart, but its a little more pensive, thought provoking and got a definite ‘alt’ edge to it. Hopefully you will like it too.

‘Live’-wise, the ultimate aim is still to get a band line up established, but so far my efforts in that department haven’t proved fruitful. It’s frustrating at times, but I have too much of a drive and passion to just sit and wait around for other people! So meantime, I’ve decided to strip things back for a while and put together an acoustic set!

Could be interesting – it’s already having a positive impact and and opening up potential avenues for performances in places I wouldn’t be able to get into with a band – including the local prison!

All the while, it’s awesome and humbling to still have new people discovering the music, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the new stuff shapes up – both live and in the studio.

Much love x

Band Update

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After a successful run through with songwriter and guitarist Rob Male on Monday, I’m very pleased to say Rob will be joining me as the first fully fledged member of the band! YEAH!

Rob has written some amazing songs, which are going to sound awesome alongside mine, so we are both really excited about working together :o)

Auditions for the bassist and drummer are happening on 22nd and 24th October, so watch this space for the outcome of that!

My Band – its on the way!

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Hey hey!

After spending what seems like far too long doing solo and acoustic spots, I’m VERY excited about finally getting a rockin’ band together to gig with! YEAH!

I’m working with a couple of top-notch songwriters – with the aim of including their awesome material alongside mine in the set, which is going to be an absolute blinder :o)

Auditions are happening over the next couple of weeks, and if all goes to plan, I’ll be able to announce the line up by the end of this month!

We are aiming to start touring the South West, Midlands and South from January – can’t blimming wait :o)

Let’s Rock!

Janey x

Bon Jovi Support Slot – PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!

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Hello people!

I’ve entered a competition to support Bon Jovi at Ashton Gate!

What an opportunity – and it will be completely awesome to play at the ground of Bristol City FC! Woohoo! :o)

The first stage is public voting off the Bristol Evening Post website. Then, if I get through to the final 3, my song will be listened to by a panel of judges!

So, basically PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! You need to vote by Friday 20th June. And get all your friends to vote too!

Go to to cast your all important votes.

Thank you thank you thank you

Janey x