Oi oi! What’s happening with the new EP, Janey??

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Yeah, yeah, I know you are waiting on news of the new EP and the idea was to record some songs for release earlier in the summer.

Well, you know what they say, the best laid plans and all that – for various reasons, things have gone in a direction I hadn’t anticipated.

One of the most influential reasons for the delay is that unfortunately I’ve not been too well of late, and have now found why – I’ve got a rather large tumour growing in my abdomen – youch! The good news is it’s not malignant, but it is massive and growing, so I’m in the queue to have some fairly hefty surgery to remove it. I can’t go in for the op straight away because it’s so big it could cause me problems on the operating table, so meantime I’ll be having some pretty yukky hormone treatment for a few months to shrink the bugger. Unfortunately (but rather amusingly) they’ve told me it could make me hairier, make my boobs shrink and affect my voice temporarily! I only hope I don’t grow a pair of nuts! God help me!! Seriously, though, the last thing I want to do is record myself sounding like Lemmy, so I just need to be patient, and wait till I recover to record – I hope you will all understand and I can only apologise to those of you who have been champing at the bit waiting for news of the new release. I hope you can be patient with me – I definitely hope to record another solo release soon, it just won’t be as soon as I’d first planned!

The other thing that’s happened is that, as well as writing on my own, I’ve taken the plunge and started working on some material with a new guitarist – Nick Williams. Things are shaping up very well so far, though I do say so myself. The new songs have a definite heavier more dramatic edge to them – for those of you that like ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Between Two Worlds’ then you should be in for a treat….

Anyway, both me and Nick are both really keen to get a live line-up together very soon, so we can get out there and gig the songs for you before heading into the studio as a band, as well as me recording as a solo artist.

So, lots going on in the background, as you can see!

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and support so far – have no fear, this girl’s got plenty of rock left in her!

Love & light,

Janey x

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