AWESOME review in local music press!

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The September issue of Scrumpy ‘n’ Western mag has just been published, and they’ve reviewed my EP!

It’s a completely AWESOME review!! I’m just bowled over! Here’s a snippet:

“Well Janey you have really learnt your craft over the past two years, you have now been to one of the country’s top studios ‘Sprint Studios’…. You have reworked an excellent song that should be racing up the charts, yes that good!!! With ‘Lie Along the Way’ and track three the excellent ‘You Rock (My Chemistry)’ again foot tapping, sing along, magic…. You really do have your own style, and on further investigation you are also out gigging, which is good. You really do deserve to go places with this recording, and I hope you get the attention you so rightly have been working for. I have not stopped playing this CD and everyone who I have played it to agrees, chart material, if only some of these A & R men would wake up and get real!”


For the full review go to page 8 of the September issue:

I’m beaming with pride :o)

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